Tracksport was founded by Fred Davies in the seventies and quickly became one of the forerunning teams in many premier saloon car series, having great success in CRX, and MX5s before moving on to the Rover 216, Rover Tomcats and MGF Series`.

John Fellows acquired Tracksport in 1998, having come from a very successful business/retailing career. A talented amateur car modifier, building a lotus powered MG midget and other custom and hot rods in the seventies. John started hillclimbing and sprinting using a modified Lotus Sunbeam, before moving on to a Royale RP27 single seater. Next came an Argo JM8, ex F3 car, powered by a Toyota Novamotor, again this was highly modified. Firstly, a much stronger Hewland FG 400 gearbox was fitted in place of the Mk9, along with a complete redesign of the rear suspension. Next the front suspension was widened to give bigger track and then a totally new engine cradle was designed to take a mighty 4.7 litre J.E Developments Rover V8. The Argo is still successfully hillclimbed to this day with hardly any changes to John`s original design.

John hankered for more power, and aquired the late Mark Colton`s Roman VJ, into which was installed a more powerful Judd CV ex F1 engine, boasting 598 bhp. Due to work commitments, John never managed to do a complete season in the British Sprint Championship, but still was placed in the top ten contenders for 4 years running.

From 1998 Tracksport, as well as running the Roman in the British Sprint Championship, also engineered many Morgan +8s in the Morgan Challenge series. The most notable of these was the Orange number 20 car of Simon McDermott, to which we applied a more 'modern' thinking to such a classic car. The Morgan was completely stripped, redesigned and lightened to the rules and appeared at Snetterton in 1999, where it was described as the 'radical' Morgan and duly won straight out of the 'box'! We prepared the car for two seasons and looked after it at every meeting.

Tracksport has also built many road and race cars in collaboration with John Eales of Rover V8 fame, including Westfield Seights and a mighty TR8 for the late Rhys Howells. The TR8`s monocoque was strengthened and the 3.9 V8 engine was relocated further back in the engine bay. A stronger rear axle was mounted to a redesigned rear suspension, front and rear arches where also modified to take the larger wheels and tyres, but without spoiling the original TR shape. The resulting car was a lovely, well balanced car, both on the road as well as competing on the 'hills'. In the capable hands of Rhys, it managed to win the British Hillclimb Leaders Championship in 1999.
Rhys, now bitten by the bug,asked us the install a 5.0 litre 'Wildcat' engine, built, again, by John Eales, producing a massive 409 bhp, which Rhys had great fun competing with in the following year.

These are just a few of the cars we have successfully modified and run for our customers. Others include Reynard F3000`s, Indy cars, Toleman TG280 and assorted Sport Racing cars.